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We have built a team of traders within The Wisemen Group that invest money for our organization full time. This is how we support what we do. We also invest some of our money into our own broker accounts and we invest it in binary stock options on the foreign exchange market for quick turnaround and we've pretty much mastered how to do this. 


This is exactly what the banks do with your money when you open a bank account with them. You can open a free account with us and we will do the trading for you and you can watch your money grow on your phone or computer wherever you like just like a bank. If you want to pull out the money you simply withdraw it but it does take a day for it to hit Your account. 


You can take out or leave as much as you want. Let your money work for you. We do charge a 20%  fee of your earnings when you make a withdrawal. This is a $700 deposit that was held in our Wisemen Trading Group. There's always a risk, but we're pretty good at what we do. Let's make some money together to invest in your children, yourself, and your community. Please don't forget to tithe!


How to Deposit funds into Account

1. Download Cashapp on Smart Phone

2. Go to Investing Tab

3. Scroll down to Buy Bitcoin

4. The Account Minimum is $200 

5. Copy your wallet #

6. Go to "AdvancedMinersFX" account

7. Click Add Funds

8. Copy your Cashapp Wallet # & Amount to      Deposit

How to Withdraw funds from Account

1. Go to "AdvancedMinersFX" account

2. Go to "Withdraw Trading" & Click "+"

3. Select BTC & Insert Cash App Wallet Deposit

     into Your CashApp Wallet#

4. Select the amount you want to receive in USD

5. Request Withdrawal

6. Go to "Withdraw Trading" & Click "+"

7. Select BTC & Insert Cash App Wallet Deposit

     into Wallet Address#:


     (This is House Account# for Fees & Taxes)

8. Select "Amount Previously Withdrawn" X              20% to receive in USD

9. Request Withdrawal

10. Wait 24 Hours to get Withdrawal Amount

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