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Roe vs. Wade

As Christians, we are to always cherish the value of life. We understand that the Roe vs. Wade decision has caused a huge division in our country and the understanding of when life is conceived has even divided the church. None of us Christians want to think that we would allow the murder of a baby, but the question remains, is a fetus an actual baby. 

A fetus most certainly is a baby and it should have rights. However, we force our views on no man or woman. Every woman and man should have the right to make the wrong decision. 


Therefore we believe it is the choice of the woman to determine what she allows to happen to her body and fetus, and this decision should be left between her and God on Judgement Day. 


The government and taxpayers should not be burdened in the financing or paying for any of these procedures. That means that all funding for Planned Parenthood should be withheld so long as the practice of abortion is being used in their clinics.


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